NFTs in Fanton: A New Dimension to NFT Fantasy Football

NFTs in Fanton: A New Dimension to NFT Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has evolved in recent years with the advent of blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Fanton, a telegram-based fantasy football game, is at the forefront of this evolution. In Fanton, players participate in tournaments against others, selecting teams and earning points based on real-world footballers’ performances. The winners win prizes in the form of NFTs and crypto. This article will delve into the role of NFTs in Fanton, their utility, and how they can lead to earning opportunities in the world of NFT Fantasy Football.

Fanton NFT Cards

In Fanton, there are three types of NFT cards available – Legendary, Epic, and Rare. Each card type has a limited number available, making them incredibly valuable. There is only 1 Legendary card, 3 Epic cards, and 12 Rare cards. These cards are not only hand-drawn and unique, making them valuable as collectibles, but they also have utility in the game by providing multipliers to scoring in NFT tournaments. A Legendary card gives a x2 multiplier, an Epic card gives a x1.75 multiplier, and a Rare card gives a x1.5 multiplier.

Example Calculation

Let’s say your player scored 335 points in a tournament. If you own a Legendary NFT card, the points would be doubled, resulting in 670 points. Similarly, an Epic card would result in 586.25 points (335 * 1.75), and a Rare card would result in 502.5 points (335 * 1.5).

‘NFT’ Tournaments

In Fanton, players with NFTs can participate in special ‘NFT’ tournaments where the competition is lower than in general ones, and prizes are higher. This presents a significant advantage for NFT holders, as it increases their chances of winning valuable prizes.

Acquiring Fanton NFTs

Players can acquire Fanton NFTs by purchasing them on the GetGems platform or by winning them in Premium Tournaments. This provides multiple avenues for players to get their hands on these valuable assets in the world of NFT Fantasy Football.

Utility and Collection Value

Fanton NFTs are hand-drawn, making them unique and valuable as collectibles. However, their utility goes beyond just being collectible items. The NFTs provide multipliers to scoring in NFT tournaments, giving players an edge and increasing their chances of winning prizes in the form of crypto and additional NFTs. This utility enhances the NFTs’ value and makes them sought-after assets in the Fanton ecosystem.

Earning Opportunities with Fanton NFTs

Owning Fanton NFTs can lead to various earning opportunities. Firstly, by providing multipliers to scoring, the NFTs increase a player’s chances of winning special ‘NFT’ tournaments and, consequently, earning prizes in the form of crypto and additional NFTs. Secondly, the limited availability and unique nature of the NFTs make them valuable as collectibles, and players can potentially resell them for higher prices. This creates opportunities for “scouting,” where players can choose young stars, hold onto the NFTs, and then resell them at a later date for a profit.
Another way of earning is by renting out your NFTs to other players. For instance, a player can pay to rent your NFT cards for a few matchdays, and after the expiration of this period, you get your NFTs back. This way, those who do not have NFTs can enter NFT tournaments without buying NFTs, and holders can earn by renting their NFTs out.
Lastly, owning NFTs provides access to participate in exclusive NFT tournaments, creating additional opportunities to win prizes.


NFTs in Fanton add a new dimension to NFT Fantasy Football, providing both utility in the game and value as collectibles. With limited availability, hand-drawn designs, and the ability to provide scoring multipliers in NFT tournaments, Fanton NFTs are valuable assets that can lead to various earning opportunities. Whether you are a fantasy football enthusiast or an NFT collector, Fanton provides an exciting opportunity to explore the world of NFT Fantasy Football.