• Fantasy football is a game type where participants create a football squad and earn points based on their selected players' performances in real-world matches.

    Fanton Fantasy Football offers a distinctive experience by hosting the game within a Telegram web app bot. Here, players can assemble teams using either free cards or NFT cards and then enroll them in various tournaments. These tournaments cover prominent leagues like the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1, and German Bundesliga. Moreover, Fanton also includes the Brazilian championship, Champions League, and a unique combined championship of the top 5 European leagues.

    As you follow the live matches, your chosen players' on-field activities earn you points in Fanton. Accumulate these points, and you stand a chance to win rewards like the TON cryptocurrency or NFT cards. These NFTs can either be utilized in future tournaments or traded for TON in the GetGems marketplace.

  • In Fanton Fantasy Football you have multiple opportunities to earn:

    1. Earning in Tournaments:
    • Premium Common Tournaments: By joining these tournaments with a buy-in of either 1 TON or 3 TON, players can earn a significant percentage of the TON prize pool based on their standing.
    • Premium NFT Tournaments: These tournaments offer players a chance to earn both TON and rare NFT cards, depending on the prize distribution of the specific tournament.

    2. NFT Rental:
    Players can rent out their NFT cards to other players, providing an opportunity to earn in exchange for granting temporary usage rights of the card.

    3. NFT Sales:
    • Selling Winning NFTs: Acquire NFT cards as rewards and then sell them on the open market for TON.
    • Scouting: Invest in buying player cards and subsequently sell them at a higher price, leveraging demand dynamics.

    4. Referral Program:
    By inviting friends to join Fanton using a unique referral link, players can win tickets that allow entry to premium tournaments for free, presenting a chance to compete for monetary rewards.

    5. Free Tournaments:
    Even without spending money, players can engage in free tournaments and stand a chance to win tickets, which grant access to premium tournaments, further amplifying earning potential.

    Keep an eye on updates and announcements from Fanton. As the platform continues to grow, there might be even more exciting ways to earn in the future!

  • Fanton provides a variety of tournaments, categorized into Common and NFT tournaments, each with its own set of rules and prizes.

    Common Tournaments

    Free Common Tournament:
    • Entry: Free
    • Prizes: Top 6 finishers receive tickets to Premium Common tournaments.
    Premium Common Tournaments:
    1 TON Premium Tournament:
    • Entry: 1 TON
    • Prizes: TON awarded based on the percentage of the prize pool.
    3 TON Premium Tournament:
    • Entry: 3 TON
    • Prizes: TON awarded based on the percentage of the prize pool.

    NFT Tournaments

    Free NFT Tournament - Global Beginner:
    • Covers all championships including top-5 European leagues (excluding Brazil).
    • Entry: At least 1 NFT card of any rarity.
    • Prizes:1st-4th place: Tickets to the NFT Pro tournament (worth 6 TON).
    • 5th-10th place: Tickets to the NFT Global Amateur tournament (worth 1 TON).
    • Note: The introduction of the TH system is forthcoming; players should stay updated with announcements!
    Premium NFT Tournaments:
    NFT Global Amateur (Top-5 League United Tournament):
    • Entry: 1 TON (Multiple teams allowed)
    • Rules: Rare NFTs can be used freely. Only 1 Epic NFT card is permitted, while Legendary NFTs are excluded.
    • Prizes: Pro tournament tickets and TON awarded based on prize pool percentage for the top 10% of participants.
    NFT Pro (All Championships):
    • Entry: 6 TON (Multiple teams allowed)
    • Rules: Rare and Epic NFTs are unrestricted. Only 1 Legendary NFT card is permitted.
    • Prizes: Epic, Rare NFT cards and TON awarded based on prize pool percentage for the top 30% of participants. Select tournaments also feature Legendary NFT cards as part of the prize pool.
    Global Legendary (Top-5 League United Tournament):
    • Entry: 20 TON (Multiple teams allowed)
    • Rules: Minimum of 2 Legendary NFT cards required.
    • Prizes: A significant TON amount based on the prize pool percentage for the top 40% of participants, with a guaranteed prize of 150 TON.
    For a detailed breakdown of prize distributions, players can refer directly to the game
  • In Fanton Premium tournaments you can win:

    1. NFT Player Cards: These unique cards not only represent specific players but also have the potential to boost the number of points that player earns in a match, offering a strategic edge in NFT tournaments.
    2. TON Cryptocurrency: Participants in premium tournaments stand a chance to earn the TON cryptocurrency as part of their winnings.
    For those participating in free tournaments, the prize is the opportunity itself: winners secure tickets that grant them entry into the premium tournaments, allowing them to compete for the more valuable NFT cards and TON cryptocurrency.

  • When building your dream team for a tournament in Fanton, it's important to strategically select a mix of five player cards:

    1. Goalkeeper
    2. Defender
    3. Midfielder
    4. Forward
    5. Substitute
    While the first four are primary players forming the core of your squad, the "substitute" card has a unique role. This player can be positioned in any field slot and acts as a backup, stepping in if one of your main players doesn't make an appearance during a match. If called upon, the substitute will earn 70% of the points they would have gathered if they were in the main lineup.

    Let's Illustrate with an Example: Imagine you've placed Jack Grealish in your main squad, but he doesn't feature in the match. However, your substitute, Marcus Rashford, does take the field in another game. In this scenario, Rashford will automatically replace Grealish in your lineup and accrue points. The catch? He'll only earn 70% of the points he would've achieved as a primary player. This strategy adds depth to your team and provides a safety net, ensuring you don't miss out entirely if one of your top picks doesn't play.
  • There are four primary methods to obtain NFT cards in the game:

    1. Winning Premium NFT Tournaments: By achieving top positions in premium NFT tournaments, you can earn NFT cards as part of your winnings.
    2. Purchasing on the GetGems Marketplace: GetGems offers a secondary market where players can buy and sell their NFT cards.
    3. Directly Buying from the Fanton Team: You can also obtain NFTs by participating in auctions organized in the Fanton Market channel on Telegram at FantonSalesOfficial.
    4. Participating in Developer Sales: The game's developers periodically hold sales events for the community. You can stay updated and join these sales through the Fanton community on Telegram at Fanton Community.
  • Every NFT in the Fanton collection has a Tier parameter.

    A Tier represents the caliber or quality of football players. There are three Tiers in total: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

    Tier 1 Players: These are the elite players in world football. They play for top clubs in major leagues, have a high market value according to Transfermarkt data, represent dominant national teams, and are relatively young in age.
    Tier 2 Players: These players may have a slightly lower market value and often don't play for the top-tier clubs. However, they can consistently score points in tournaments and might be seasoned in age.
    Tier 3 Players: Cards under this tier are divided into two types:
    • Young Prospects: Players who show promising potential for the future.
    • Others: Players who haven't quite reached the pinnacle of football success.

    Please note, the Tier system will be reviewed and modified.
  • The rarity of Fantn NFTs determines the points multiplier and the quantity available:

    • Legendary NFTs: These are the most rare and valuable. There is only 1 Legendary NFT for each footballer. They provide a x2 multiplier to your scoring in tournaments.
    • Epic NFTs: Limited to 3 Epic NFTs for each footballer. These cards offer a significant advantage with a x1.75 multiplier.
    • Rare NFTs: There are 12 Rare NFTs for each footballer. The most commonly found among the premium cards, they give a x1.5 multiplier to your points.
    Owning one of these rare NFTs can significantly enhance your gameplay, adding depth and strategy to your tournaments.

  • TON (The Open Network) is a cryptocurrency that is ranked among the top 20 globally recognized cryptocurrencies, as per the CoinMarketCap resource. Introduced as the main coin of The Open Network blockchain, it has seen active integration with Telegram since 2022.
  • NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. These are tokens whose quantity is strictly limited by the authors of the NFT collection.

    In the context of Fanton, these NFTs operate within the TON ecosystem and are utilized in the Fanton Fantasy Football game.

    Fanton NFTs provide access to exclusive NFT tournaments and offers multipliers to points earned in the game

  • To participate in Fanton's premium tournaments, you need to have TON in your balance. If you're short on TON or want to increase your balance, you can easily deposit more using the @wallet. Here's how you can do that:

    1. Buying Crypto via Chat with the Bot:
    • Start by opening the bot menu and go to 'My Wallet' → 'Buy crypto with bank card.'
    • Choose the cryptocurrency (in this case, TON) you wish to purchase. Then, select your preferred fiat currency and input the desired purchase amount.
    • You can either use the wallet address associated with the bot or add a different receiving wallet.
    • Click 'Pay' and then finalize the transaction on the subsequent payment page.
    2. Buying TON via the Attachment Menu:
    • First, open the bot menu and select 'Open Web App' → 'Buy & Sell' → 'Buy with Card.'
    • Enter the amount of TON or the corresponding fiat amount you'd like to purchase. To swap between inputting a fiat or crypto amount, click on the two-arrow symbol.
    • Press the 'Buy' button and then input your card details as prompted.
    After successful payment, your purchased TON will reflect in your wallet within a few minutes, allowing you to enter premium tournaments.

  • NFT cards yield more points than common cards. Rare cards offer a x1.5 multiplier, Epic cards provide a x1.75 multiplier, and Legendary cards boast an impressive x2 multiplier.

    In addition:
    1. NFTs grant access to exclusive premium tournaments with larger prizes.
    2. Players can generate income by either renting out or selling their NFT cards.
  • Currently, you cannot use NFT cards in multiple tournaments simultaneously.
  • We plan to renew Tier players twice a year. Most likely it will be after the transfer windows in Europe.
  • In early 2023, Fanton will introduce the "Legends" mechanic to the game. This is a special fourth Tier for cards — the greatest players in football history who have already finished their careers.

    How will this work? Here’s an example. In the Fanton collection, there is a card of defender Fabio Cannavaro. The owner of Cannavaro’s card will be able to add it to his squad for matches of any tournament. At the end of the tournament the defender will receive not only the standard points for the player’s actions, but also an additional Legends' card multiplier to the points.

    Legends cards cannot be bought directly from Fanton. They can be obtained by participating in special raffles on the project’s media platforms. We will undoubtedly reveal new ways to get such cards in the future. And if you can’t wait to do it now, check to see if someone is selling these cards on the secondary Getgems market.

  • The decision to move a player to Tier Legends is made by the project team. The founders consult with experts from the fantasy community.
  • Upon acquiring or winning an NFT, it is automatically added to the game. There's no need for manual action on your part.

    However, if you encounter any issues or delays with your NFT integration, please reach out to FantonSupport.

  • Absolutely! Even without TON cryptocurrency, you can still participate in our free tournaments. We offer free tournaments for each major event, including:

    • Premier League
    • UEFA Champions League
    • Bundesliga
    • La Liga
    • Serie A
    • League 1
    • ...and more!
    These free tournaments are held frequently, with 3-5 taking place every week. The key is to select the right lineup and enjoy the game.

    If you're interested in competing for higher prizes, you can purchase cryptocurrency and jump into the premium tournaments. For a step-by-step guide on buying TON, refer to our buying instructions.

  • You can always write to our support — FantonSupport. You can also ask questions in our community.
  • You can get all the news in our official community.
  • Our global goal is to become the #1 Fantasy Football game in the countries with high Telegram penetration. Right now we have the following countries in mind: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, India, Russia, Arabian countries.

    We chose this tactic to bring new players from Telegram relatively cheaply. So it is important to us that there are already a lot of Telegram users in the market of the country we are entering.

  • The project team has serious experience in IT, management, design, marketing of NFT-collections and P2E-games and is completely open.