• The game mechanics of Fanton are straight forward:

    1. Choose a team of five football players: a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward, and substitute.
    2. Your players will earn points based on their performance in real football matches. Points are awarded for various actions, such as goals, assists, saves, and more.
    3. The users whose teams accumulate the most points win valuable prizes, including crypto and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

    To start playing, you don't need to download a mobile app or register. Simply launch the Fanton bot by clicking here and then click 'play.' It's that easy

  • Fanton Fantasy Football's game interface is intuitively structured into five distinct sections:

    1. Main Section: This is your primary dashboard, showcasing available tournaments and the tournaments you've already joined.
    2. NFT Section: Here, you can view your collection of NFT cards and access GetGems marketplace.
    3. Prizes Section: Curious about potential rewards? This section displays the potential winnings for different tournaments, letting you gauge the stakes.
    4. Support: Got a query or facing an issue? The support section connects you directly with our dedicated team, ready to assist.
    5. Balance: Keep tabs on your financial assets in this section, detailing your current balance and any tickets you have for upcoming tournaments.
  • Entering a Fanton tournament is easy as 1-2-3. Here's a step-by-step guide:

    1. Begin the Game: Launch our game on Telegram and simply click on play to start.
    2. Choose Your Tournament: Once inside, navigate to the main tab and pick the tournament that sparks your interest.
    3. Form Your Team: Start by clicking on the empty player slots. Select a forward, a defender, a midfielder, a goalkeeper, and a substitute. Remember to choose one of your players as the team captain. This is crucial for earning extra points!
    4. Save Your Line-up: After finalizing your team, make sure to save your selections. You're now officially enrolled in the competition!

    If you have second thoughts about any of your picks, you can modify your lineup until the registration deadline. Stay ahead of the game by strategizing wisely!

    Note: you can use free Common cards to play. However, for an enhanced gaming experience and exclusive access to special NFT tournaments with higher prizes, you might consider purchasing NFT cards.

  • Fanton tournaments are organized in tandem with the matchdays of leading football leagues worldwide. Participants can engage in tournaments based on fixtures from:

    1. English Premier League
    2. Italian Serie A
    3. Spanish LaLiga
    4. French Ligue 1
    5. German Bundesliga

    Moreover, players can also participate in Brazilian Championship, the prestigious UEFA Champions League, and a unique combined championship representing the top fixtures from all the aforementioned top 5 European leagues. With such a variety, Fanton ensures that players are constantly presented with fresh challenges and opportunities throughout the football season.

  • Fanton provides a variety of tournaments, categorized into Common and NFT tournaments, each with its own set of rules and prizes.

    Common Tournaments

    Free Common Tournament:
    • Entry: Free
    • Prizes: Top 6 finishers receive tickets to Premium Common tournaments.
    Premium Common Tournaments:
    1. 1 TON Premium Tournament:
    • Entry: 1 TON
    • Prizes: TON awarded based on the percentage of the prize pool.
    1. 3 TON Premium Tournament:
    • Entry: 3 TON
    • Prizes: TON awarded based on the percentage of the prize pool.

    NFT Tournaments

    Free NFT Tournament - Global Beginner:
    • Covers all championships including top-5 European leagues (excluding Brazil).
    • Entry: At least 1 NFT card of any rarity.
    • Prizes:1st-4th place: Tickets to the NFT Pro tournament (worth 6 TON).
    • 5th-10th place: Tickets to the NFT Global Amateur tournament (worth 1 TON).
    • Note: The introduction of the TH system is forthcoming; players should stay updated with announcements!
    Premium NFT Tournaments:
    1. NFT Global Amateur (Top-5 League United Tournament):
    • Entry: 1 TON (Multiple teams allowed)
    • Rules: Rare NFTs can be used freely. Only 1 Epic NFT card is permitted, while Legendary NFTs are excluded.
    • Prizes: Pro tournament tickets and TON awarded based on prize pool percentage for the top 10% of participants.
    1. NFT Pro (All Championships):
    • Entry: 6 TON (Multiple teams allowed)
    • Rules: Rare and Epic NFTs are unrestricted. Only 1 Legendary NFT card is permitted.
    • Prizes: Epic, Rare NFT cards and TON awarded based on prize pool percentage for the top 30% of participants. Select tournaments also feature Legendary NFT cards as part of the prize pool.
    1. Global Legendary (Top-5 League United Tournament):
    • Entry: 20 TON (Multiple teams allowed)
    • Rules: Minimum of 2 Legendary NFT cards required.
    • Prizes: A significant TON amount based on the prize pool percentage for the top 40% of participants, with a guaranteed prize of 150 TON.

    For a detailed breakdown of prize distributions, players can refer directly to the game

  • In Fanton tournaments, players earn points based on the real-life performances of the footballers they've selected. The visual guide above provides a detailed breakdown of how points are allocated for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

    Make sure to familiarize yourself with this scoring system to optimize your team selections and maximize your potential winnings!

  • We're always looking to expand our range of tournaments in Fanton to bring even more excitement to our players! For the 23/24 season, we're considering adding the following championships:

    • Russian Premier League (RPL): The pinnacle of Russian football, where the country's top clubs battle it out for the coveted title.
    • UEFA Europa League: Famous European club competition as teams from across the continent vie for glory.
    • Eredivisie (Netherlands): TOP Dutch football, known for its tactical depth and historically strong teams.
    • Pro League (Belgium): The best of Belgian football as teams clash in this competitive league.
    • Major League Soccer (MLS, USA): American soccer, where diverse talent and passionate fans come together.

    Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to assemble your dream team from these new leagues!